Some facilities just like to do things themselves and often have people with skills, tools and experience who can solve problems and make upgrades and changes. In our experience, most don't have people who can plan and design an A/V system even though they might be able to do the installation work. Often, limited resources are spent on equipment that is not appropriate for the job, unreliable, too difficult to use, inferior quality, or incompatible with existing equipment.

For those DYI'ers we have created an entire new sister company called ReachOut AV. The goal of ReachOut AV is to provide provide professional design and consultation services at a very affordable cost and let you do the work with our direct supervision. Our plan for your organization will eliminate that kind of waste and ensure that you have the right components, properly installed and tuned.

Please visit our site at and read about our program. For a low consultation fee, you will be able to have our professional experience guide your DYI work from start to finish.