The first thing we will do is arrange an on-site visit AT NO CHARGE with your people at your facility. We will ask a lot of questions, share some system ideas and gather data about your facility. Once we have this information we will design a system for you based upon your needs and our experience with equipment and installation methods. Your project will receive turn-key service including initial consultation, on-site evaluation of your facility, assessment of your existing system and overview of pertinent electrical infrastructure. We will prepare a detailed system proposal and budget. Once you approve the project we will schedule your installation. The installation will be carried out by our professional system installers. Once the system is in place, all final programming, system tuning and final adjustments will be made by our president Paul Svenson personally. You will receive a CAD-generated block diagram of your system along with a complete inventory of all installed components and their serial numbers.

The system integration service and system design will be provided at no cost to you. Because we have not charged for this work, we require that the details of the proposal including specifications, equipment lists and other specifics remain the property of PS Audio Video and may not be used to solicit other bids or proposals. If you need additional bids from other companies you will need to have them come out and give you their ideas and proposals. We work on the honor-system.


Sometimes a facility will want a system designed by one company who will not act as the installer/equipment provider/service provider.  Although we highly recommend the system integration approach above, we can serve as a fee-based designer and provide a comprehensive system design, CAD block diagrams, component list, wiring layout and installation notes. Once you have purchased this design, it belongs to you. You are free to send it out for bids from installers.


We have an entire division designed to provide your church/facility with a low-cost professional upgrade plan for your A/V system complete with personal installation guidance from start to finish. Check our DYI page


All systems and the components therein are covered by our comprehensive system warranty. This includes parts, labor, shop charges, shipping both directions if a component requires factory service. Once we install your system, you only have one phone call to make in the unlikely event there is a problem.

Our service department focuses on our installation customers. We don't normally do repairs on equipment we didn't install. If you are having a problem, we can arrange an on-site service call to evaluate your situation and make recommendations. Please give us a call to discuss your needs.